As the executives of the University of Alberta Dance Club, we are committed to helping students and members of the community to experience the world of dance. We plan, host, and execute all social events, dance classes, and other UADC activities in Edmonton. We are the people that you can come to for help whenever you need it. If you are interested in joining the executive for the next year or need general assistance, please contact info@uadc.ca.

David Ren


Joining the UADC in my first year because of its vibrant community, I stayed to promote social dancing as an all season lifelong sport. I am in my 3rd year of Mechanical Engineering and an avid rock climber and snowboarder. Appreciative of the lifelong friends I have made through the UADC, I am happy to assist with the organization of incredible classes and social functions. The club is fun regardless of your dance experience. Novices are welcome.

Chen Kang

VP Internal

I am Chen and I am a 3rd year Business student. I started to learn dancing in 2018 and I really enjoy it. The dance club is an amazing social platform where I met a lot of people who come from different background but all passionate about dancing! As VP Internal my goal is to work together with instructors, TAs, and the board to provide quality dance classes and amazing social activities for the community!

Fara Jabbari

VP External

Hi my name is Fara and I am a third year Psychology student. I first joined the UADC in the Winter of 2018 and was amazed at the passion of our instructors. I wanted to become more involved in order to create a welcoming environment for dancing, so I decided to become the VP External!



The Treasurer acts as the custodian of all official property and financial records of the club and is one of the three signing authorities for the club. In more detail, the Treasurer looks after the club's bank accounts and financials, arranges for payment of all approved indebtedness of the club, keeps proper vouchers for such payments, prepares the club's annual financial report, co-reviews employee contracts with the President and VP Internal, reviews and signs all contracts entered into by the club, prepares and updates the annual budget, updates the club's insurance policies, and makes all purchases needed for daily club operations, excluding capital expenditures.


Volunteer Director

The Volunteer Director organizes all activies of Volunteer Assistants sanctioned by the Executive. The Volunteer Director also organizes an annual year-end volunteer appreciation event, prepares and maintains volunteer records, organizes year-end volunteer appreciation awards for presentation at the year-end formal, and serves as Secretary of the Social Committee.



The Secretary is responsible for keeping accurate minutes of all club meetings. The Secretary also has charge of the seal of the club, maintains the records of all club members, notifies club members of club meetings as required, holds responsibility for all internal and external correspondence, maintains and updates all official club documents, updates and responds to all telephone and electronic messages, prepares the club newsletter and maintains the email list, collects and stores all committee reports and minutes, maintains the filing system, and serves as Secretary of the Treasury Board.

Zoé Saulnier

Social Director

Hi my name is Zoé and I am a 2nd year Psychology student. I joined the UADC, and subsequently started my dance career, in the Fall of 2017. During that semester I realized that few things are quite as stress-busting and fun as dancing with a great group of people. This realization spurred me to get more involved with the club by becoming Social Director.

Jianan Sun

Workshop Director

I am Jianan, and I am a third year student in the Faculty of Business. My dancing career has lasted for more than five years. I joined this club in the Fall of 2018, my first semester at the University of Alberta. During this semester, I joined the executive as Workshop Director. UADC is an excellent club that teaches me how to work with people and how to arrange schedules efficiently. In the future, I hope to learn more from this club and enjoy the time I spend here.


Competition Director

The Competition Director is responsible for planning and execution of the UADC In House Competition, which provides an opportunity for members to get a taste for what a real ballroom competition is like - work hard on dancing and then compete with fellow members of the same level for dance awards, including medals and trophies. We have not had a competition for a number of years, but if you want to help revive this long-standing club tradition, this is the role to take.