As the executives of the University of Alberta Dance Club, we are committed to helping students and members of the community to experience the world of dance. We plan, host, and execute all social events, dance classes, and other UADC activities in Edmonton. We are the people that you can come to for help whenever you need it. If you are interested in joining the executive for the next year or need general assistance, please contact info@uadc.ca.

Majid Kamyab


Hi, my name is Majid. I have not provided a bio or picture yet, but will provide one soon!


VP Internal

The VP Internal's main responsibility is of coordinating the TA Corps. Aside from this, the VP Internal chairs the Instruction Board, acts as the liaison between the TA Corps and the Executives, co-reviews employee contracts with the President and the Treasurer, reviews and signs all contracts entered into by the club, prepares class schedules and syllabus sheets, administers semester-end class evaluations, and prepares and maintains teaching assistant records.

Sourav Sarkar

VP External

Hi, my name is Sourav. I have not provided a bio or picture yet, but will provide one soon!

Jamie Matich


My name is Jamie, and I am a 3rd year Materials Engineering student. I found out about the UADC through Animethon in 2017, and have been hooked on learning all that I can since. This year, I felt it was as good a time as any to assist the club. It had quickly become a second home to me, so it only makes sense! I wish to do all I can in my time as treasurer to ensure the stability and efficiency of the UADC while still coming to learn everything from dancing to financials.

Natalia Marciniak

Volunteer Director

My name is Natalia and I am a fourth year Psychology student, an avid skier, and a plant-lover. As the Volunteer Director I look forward to recruiting and working with volunteers and organizing related events. I enjoy that the U of A Dance Club provides students the opportunity to learn ballroom and Latin dance at various experience levels. Dancing is a great way to relieve stress and I am glad that the UADC makes this activity accessible to the community!

Aditya Shah


My name is Aditya Shah and I am a 4th year civil engineering student at the University of Alberta. I joined the dance club in January of 2020 and have been a part ever since. I loved to learn the different dance styles and the method of teaching - it makes it easy to learn for everyone. I decided to become secretary of the club as a way of giving way back and to become more involved.

Sunny Zhan

Social Director

Hi, my name is Sunny. I have not provided a bio or picture yet, but will provide one soon!


Workshop Director

The Workshop Director organizes all dance workshops sanctioned by the Executive. The Workshop Director is responsible for all logistics related to dance camp and workshops, which includes things like arranging travel of instructors to Edmonton, scheduling transport of people and equipment, and scheduling meals. The Workshops Director prints tickets for workshops and dance camp, and serves as Secretary for the Instruction Board.


Competition Director

The Competition Director is responsible for planning and execution of the UADC In House Competition, which provides an opportunity for members to get a taste for what a real ballroom competition is like - work hard on dancing and then compete with fellow members of the same level for dance awards, including medals and trophies. We have not had a competition for a number of years, but if you want to help revive this long-standing club tradition, this is the role to take.